About Us

OneBearClaw is a Facebook Ad and Messenger Marketing Agency. We help brands scale by designing seamless customer experiences that generate leads, close sales, and create life-long customers.

By leveraging conversational interfaces, tested strategies, and consistent optimization, the OneBearClaw team offers the expertise and speed to deliver results.

Brian Wreckler

Brian's experience in creating content optimized for search engine and social media marketing, designing and implementing marketing automation workflows, establishing and analyzing key performance indicators for sales and marketing funnels to identify growth opportunities, and managing business to business relationships, business to consumer relationships, and collaborating with internal sales and operations teams to optimize workflows have provided him with the background necessary to successfully tackle any and all of your digital marketing needs.

Though his academic background is in International Relations and Economics, he defines himself primarily as a digital marketer and is prepared to execute on several different digital marketing strategies that he has learned throughout his professional career.

Upon graduating from Seton Hall University in May 2016, he served as the Marketing Manager at Hive Global, where he had the opportunity to develop a comprehensive marketing system. He managed the customer relationship management software, email funnel, social media channels, content creators, and contractors. Through his time with the company, they managed to make over $850,000 in unique sales, double the size of our customer database, and nearly triple their social media following. In this role, he learned how to use CRM systems, WordPress, Google Analytics, and Facebook for Business to analyze results and make decisions based on those results.

Following his time at Hive Global, he formed a partnership with the Sales Director of Hive Global to launch OneBearClaw Media LLC, a digital marketing agency leveraging paid advertising and messenger marketing to generate leads and close sales for small businesses. As an agency we have generated over $30,000 in billables, have managed anywhere from 10-20 funnels at once, and have worked with our clients to generate an average of 75 qualified leads per client per month with an average close rate of 20%.

Through his several years of experience, he has developed a deep passion for digital marketing and designing systems that scale. At this point in his professional career, he is eager to join a rapidly growing team committed to making an impact. bringing both preparation and experience, not only in creating content but also in designing systems, not only in analyzing data but also making decisions based on that data, not only working with external teams but collaborating with our internal teams to discover opportunities to grow.

Mike Gavela

Mike works at the intersection of creative problem solving, pragmatic decision making, and business to business relations.

Prior to OneBearClaw, Mike was a part of the founding team of Hive.org and served as the Director of Sales, coordinating partnerships and driving sales to the company’s flagship program, The Hive Global Leaders Program.