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Messenger Marketing & Chat Bots Will Improve Your Marketing Funnel in 2018

80% open rate, 30% click-through rate (CTR), with a frictionless user experience. A marketers dream. Are we talking about your email funnel?



If we were talking about your email funnel, it’d be closer to 20-40% open rates, and 3% CTR (Mailchimp, 2017). If we were being honest, you’re more likely looking at 5-15%, with a 1% CTR (ManychatBlog, 2017). For some, these open rates and CTRs are satisfactory, and by email standards, they are. However, if you were to incorporate Messenger Marketing and Chat Bots into your sales funnel you would increase open rates, engagement, and sales.

Messenger Marketing automation and Chat Bots are the supplements that will improve your funnel in 2018.

Messenger Marketing and Chat Bots

Messenger Marketing and Chat Bots are more effective ways to engage with prospects, leads, and customers. Which basically means more people will read and engage with your messages so you can build life-long customers.

Think of a messenger marketing sequence as an email sequence, except on a platform (Facebook Messenger) that people don’t detest/blatantly ignore. It possesses the instant delivery and personalization of SMS, with the automation and intention of an email.

In essence, you can streamline the practices you are already leveraging in your business, in a higher impact format. Send content, sell products, ask for feedback, take your customers on an experience and update them on webinars and new product offerings all from Facebook Messenger.

Reasons to Adopt Messenger Marketing

If your customers watch AMC and HBO, why are you advertising on the Disney Channel? (ManyChatBlog, 2017). The same could be asked when talking about email marketing. By the end of 2018, 3.6 billion people, or 90% of the world’s online population will be on some form of a messaging platform (Kina, 2017). Meanwhile, folks are still sending messages to grandma on her Hotmail.

As marketers, our primary focuses are to design comprehensive simple experiences, that instill trust in our products and create lifetime customers. The less friction a prospect, lead, or customer experiences the better.

So instead of complicating the customer journey, going from a Facebook ad, to lead magnet, to email sign up, to email sequence, to website, to checkout, rinse and repeat. Make it easier for your audience, by making the journey Facebook Ad, to Facebook Messenger Sequence, to checkout.

Messenger as a marketing platform is the next iteration in streamlining the customer experience.

In a study by One Reach in 2014, it was found that 64% of consumers prefer texting as a customer service channel, and 77% of users 18-34 have positive perceptions of companies that leverage messenger capabilities (Khorozov, 2017). The average retention rate of messaging apps is approximately double that of all other apps (Snaps, 2017). With the rise of artificial intelligence, like Amazon’s Alexa Voice and Google Assistant, people are not just open to conversational/chat based interactions, but desire it. People crave 1-1 attention and experiences, that are simple and intuitive.

The email inbox is no longer sacred, mobile web experiences are mediocre at best, and people are tired of downloading new applications to receive updates. It is for this reason that studies have shown that by the end of 2017, businesses had already begun to reallocate their energy toward messenger marketing as opposed to email marketing, leveraging it 84% of the time vs 72% (Khorozov, 2017).

20 years ago you were told to get a website, 10 years ago you were told to get on social media, 5 years ago you were told to get an app, the time for messenger marketing is now (Kina, 2017). So dear reader, you are faced with a beautiful choice. You can be Blockbuster or Netflix. Live in the past, do things the way they have always been done, or innovate and evolve.

We are rooting for you.

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